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An Empowering Venting with Focused Listening

I used to have a friend that meant heaven lots to me (she still does 😊). She taught me to have a positive mindset and how to view adversities from a whole new beautiful perspective. She opened my mind to embrace challenges and problems in life. Somehow along the journey of the friendship we fell apart and we have not been in contact for a few years now.

We outgrew each other and moved on with life. I then turned to nature. I would go anywhere in the nature and let my feelings out. I had my other friends, but they were all busy and I just did not want to disturb them. Upon looking back, even during our friendship journey I was not always there for her, neither was she always there for me, life is such; we are unable to always be there at the right time for each other. During that process I realized I used to vent out a lot to the universe too, in the nature, just me and the nature. And this venting process brought about amazing insights about myself and how I view the world.

After doing this for some time on myself I realize how important venting out is. By letting out our emotions, firstly we are acknowledging that we feel a certain way (ACCEPTANCE). Secondly, we allow ourselves to feel the anger, frustration, sadness etc (EMBRACE) and we are not suppressing it. Thirdly, by doing so, we allow positive feelings to enter (REFILL). How can we fill ourselves with positivity when we do not empty our insides from negativity? Fourth, in the process of venting, if we truly listen to ourselves, we gain huge insights about our thinking patterns, how we view the world, the words we speak, what we feel, why do we feel such etc (AWARENESS).

It is through these insights that we will be better equipped to handle adversities, we will have a lower probability of being negatively affected by challenges & problems in life, we will embrace whatever happens and have a perspective of “ok, this is happening, what can I learn here, why am I feeling such, how can I use this pain to bring myself one step closer to who I want to be etc.”

Presently, I only go in the nature to vent out and at times I feel it would be nice if my friends were here. Nevertheless, I understand that they are busy, and they are unaware of what is happening in my life too. So, I decide to share my emotions & let it out with the nature. While travelling in the bus one day, this idea of Vent & Listen just popped in my head from nowhere. I was damn! And really wanted to be there for people who merely wanted to vent out, but I wanted it to be an empowering venting, similar to how I gained insights about myself.

Vent & Listen is an Empowering Venting with Focused Listening. The sessions will be held online or via a phone call. It lasts for 45 - 60 mins and it is FREE. If you only need a listening ear and no opinions, Kaka Singh is here. Unless you ask for my opinion I will not share. If you want to view life from a new perspective, gain insights about yourself and better handle adversities this will help you too.

My ears are all yours and my mouth will be shut unless you ask for a perspective.

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