Healthy Vegan Cooking Class

Me: “I don’t want to eat egg anymore.”

Mother: “Why? You vegetarian already?” (she said it in a joking tone)

Me: “Yes, No more meat.”

This is was the conversation I had with my mother the day I got up and felt that I did not want to eat meat anymore. This was a sudden and overnight change. I had no idea why did I decide to be a vegetarian.

A month later, I had a feeling to not consume dairy products too... But I did not listen to that voice till I watched Cowspiracy. I was intrigued and decided to do my own research. I then realized the negative effects of eating meat and diary products. Not only that, I felt shitty for not realizing how animal agriculture affects Mother Earth and how the animals were treated.

My journey into Veganism started then. Being a Vegan in Singapore is tough and it can be unhealthy if we are always eating mock meat, processed food, sugar, food that contain GMO etc. I was doing no good to my body by consuming these foods even though I was a Vegan.

Additionally, it is hard to find quality food that is of a reasonable price too. Healthy food is the most expensive. One day while I was having my lone time, the idea of holding a Vegan cooking class dropped in my mind. The most important belief of the class is that it must be Healthy and this implies

  • No artificial sweeteners

  • No GMO

  • No processed food

  • No mock meats

  • No sugar (unless it is a natural source of sugar)

Another amazing belief we love to spread is the state of being we are in while cooking! I learned this from my Japanese teacher who taught me Singing Bowl. If we cook we loving, kind, and present thoughts, that beautiful energy will flow into the food we eat too. However, if we are angry, sad, frustrated while cooking that negative energy will be in the food too.

So here at Going Prakriti, Svastha Cooking, we create Healthy Vegan Food in a Fun kitchen with beautiful music.

Image by Bekir Dönmez


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