Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls

Experience relaxation, pain relief and gain mental & emotional clarity in a 60 to 90 minutes session of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl… although you are skeptical about Sound Healing.

Do you feel you are so caught up in routine and life? Always having a busy mind filled with worries and doubt. There are rare moments when you witness yourself experiencing a quiet mind and being fully immerse in the present.

In that moment, it feels as if life is WOW. Just here in the here and now. However, within seconds that monkey mind begins… all sought of thoughts start strolling in; thinking about the future, about work, about how good or bad life is etc.

Admist all these noises you deeply crave for peace and serenity, being one with your mind, body and soul and releasing all thoughts and suppressed emotions.

BUTTT… this word appears in your mind again. I do not have the time, my work is important, I work long hours, I have a lot of house responsibilities, I do not have time away from my kids etc; thoughts that appears to be the priority seeps in and the real priority which is to give yourself some time to feel that peace and tranquillity gets pushed back deeper and deeper.

Mental and emotional fog starts building up. You start to experience aches in you body from either standing or sitting for long hours.

“I need a break. I need clarity. I need to release all these aches and yeah, I need a good deep relaxation!” These is always at the back of your mind.

Sound Healing, using the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl benefits you at all level, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Say byebye to noise, mental and emotional fog and aches... time to embrace and fill your entire being with peace, clarity and cellular healing.

You will get mental and emotional clarity, experience pain relief and learn methods to be in sync with your true self.



What They’re Saying

"Kaka is a highly intuitive and sensitive person with a lot of wisdom for someone of her age. I felt a deep energetic connection. Thank you for your compassion and empathy! Remain the wonderful person that you are. In Gratitude."

Sliva Dona, 45, Holistic Facial Therapist

"Kaka is a very sensitive singing bowl practitioner. Her session has lots of loving energies inside, which gives me a deep sense of relaxation & comfort. Thank you Kaka! :)"

Yinuo Tian, Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer

"The insight that Kaka brought up after the session was mind-boggling. It really reaffirms what I have been going through. I didn't know what to expect, but after the session I felt a lot more empowered to move on and up with the transformation that I'm going through."

Ang Qi Hooi, 38, Attorney


"I am most guilty of monkey thoughts (especially in times like now, when things have happened and losses are sustained) - but in my 45 mins with Kaka, I managed to completely absolve myself of them and be calm. It helps to know I can still achieve that mental clarity. And Kaka was spot-on with her identification of my issues. Keep it up and thanks very much Kaka!"

Vicky Wee, 28, Headhunter

"When I first settled down for the session, I was clueless on the process. During the session, I felt so much of positive energy travelling within me in an upwards movement like a wave. At the top of my head, I felt someone removed my heaviness and I felt so much lighter.

Similarly at my heart, I felt light and calm.

Kaka was very soft and gentle. She is very professional and the suggestions she gave resonates with me. Thank you Kaka for such a wonderful session. Thanks for making my thoughts clearer."

Ahila Chandrasekaran, 30, Accountant

"As a spirit medicine woman, I am very careful with who I allow into my energy field. I choose Kaka as she has very clear energy and a humble loving heart. I trust her. Her movements were slow and gentle as it did not shock the body. It was a very enjoyable experience and the vibrations flowed through me. I felt calm, relaxed and it seemed to detox stagnant cells back into harmonious flow. It feels like she is remembering her ancient wisdom."

Janine Seymour, Medicine Woman


"Sound Therapy session was extremely relaxing and allowed me to calm myself down and forget everything outside for 90 mins. The therapist, Kaka made the experience enjoyable with her hospitality and ensuring the environment and setting was ideal pre-session.

There was also a clear briefing of the treatment before it began. The session itself was well-paced by the therapist and the sound vibrations really had an effect on my internal well-being. Overall, it is an excellent experience to distress and let go of our worries and be present in the moment."

Terence Ong, 30, Counsellor

"I came to experience with a purpose to feel better, be at ease, quiet my mind, find clarity and focus. Sound therapy did silence everything else that was clouding my mind and showed me what I should focus on.

Kaka’s interpretation of what came about from the sound on my body was mind-blowing! I did not share much about the trauma from my accident I got into last year, but it was spot on.

Kaka gave me the affirmation that whatever I’m doing right now is only temporary gains and I have not really dealt with it the way it should be. I should face it with proper tools and guidance instead of being my own therapist all the time. Once and for all.

Just heal.

The whole experience gave me perspective and a realization which I really appreciate."

Natashah Nah, 29, Assistant Manager



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