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Why is it so hard to experience joy in our life?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So I was asking myself this question earlier on today. Why is it so hard for some of us to experience joy? My first action was to go and google it. I opened a few tabs, glance the heading of one tab and then decided to close everything. And I thought to myself “people can google that, I do not need to repeat the same thing that is on the internet. Rather I would love to write it from my own experience so that I can understand myself and life better and maybe I have different reasons that may spark something deep in someone?”

So here I am writing.

Soooo… why is it so hard to experience joy in life?

This quote came to my mind immediately, “Grateful people are happy people and not happy people are grateful people.” See my dear, here it is… life may not be as you imagined it to be RIGHT NOW. My life isn’t the best right, it isn’t what I want it to be but I am kinda grateful, kinda happy, kinda joyful and I feel this depth of gratitude, happiness and joyfulness getting deeper and stronger. Why? Because I have faith, I have hope, I know that my life will be the way I imagine it to be, it may take some time but I know it will happen and till then I am learning to enjoy the process. Because I am being present and noticing the beautiful things the universe has showered me upon and I am truly grateful for that.

How on the earth did I start being grateful, happy and joyful? I started with being grateful for the flowers I see when I travel to work in the bus, for the experience I felt when I see people laughing and smiling, for the feeling I felt when I saw humans helping animals and other humans, for the joyful emotion I felt when I saw a comedy movie etc. I thought “wow, life is pretty good no, we help people, we love each other, it isn’t that bad as the news makes it to be or as what some angsty people feel it to be.” I started becoming more present and began to notice all of these beautiful things in life. And this is how the depth of gratitude, happiness and joyfulness went deeper and stronger.

Now, let’s travel back a bit, I was not very much grateful, happy and joyful earlier this year. Back then, I was living too much in the future, wanting to create that life so much that I forgot to LIVE my present. I was living too much in the past, regretting certain ridiculous decisions I made and wondering what life would be if I did not do that. I was too goal oriented to the extent that I did not enjoy creating that future because it freaking stressful and made me doubt myself. I did not PAUSE. BREATHE & BE PRESENT. I did not notice that damn, I had an income compared to last year. I did not notice that damn, my bank balance had money! I did not notice the flowers. I did not notice the smiles and laughing-s that was happening around me. I was not grateful & most importantly I was not damn AWARE OF THE PRESENT, I was not in the moment. I just did not notice because I was stucked in the future or past.

So again, Why is it so hard to experience joy?

-         Living in future

-         Living in past

-         Too Goal oriented until creating that process becomes a chore

-         Not present

These are my answers from my experiences. Now your answers may be different & that is ok because that is what you experience and felt.

How did I start to experience joy?

-         Gratitude


-         Hope & Faith in knowing that whatever I want is heavenly manifesting

-         Do my actions & surrender the outcome to the universe

-         Notice the beautiful things while travelling and expressing gratitude

The above is how I felt joy. The difficulty lies in keeping this as a habit. I want that joy and I know what I need to do to intensify this feeling. Write down why you are not feeling joy and how do you think you can start to experience it? Use this method, if it helps great, if not you will figure a way out if you truly want that joy. 

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