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Change = Infinite Possibilities

Change is the only constant in life. There are changes as we grow up (physically, emotionally, mentally etc). Yet many of us fear change, we resist it. Have you ever thought why do you (if you do) resist and fear change? I thought of about it and one of my answer was attachment. Attachment to certain things, feelings, people, familiarity, events etc is what causes us to prevent change. Well the purpose of this article is not to talk about why we resist change but rather to share with you my perspective of Change equates to infinite possibilities.

Change is nothing but merely a process of something ending and something new manifesting. Change brings forth the physicality of what we think and feel. Your thoughts are not private. Your thoughts and feelings can be seen in the life you live. Altering one's limiting thought to an empowering thought is change. Being jobless to being an entrepreneur is change. Having a promotion is a change. Experiencing a near death experience is a change. Being retrenched is a change. Being self aware is a change.

Change will always exist. We can never run away from it. With our conditioned minds we stamp certain change as good and bad. Change is change. There is no good or bad change. It is our perception, our attitude that determines if the change is bad or good. Most of us would consider retrenchment as a bad change. Why? Why would it not be considered a good change? What if due to the retrenchment you get a better job or you become a business owner or you decide to travel around and realized the true meaning of life? There are so many possibilities to the aftermath of being retrenched. However, we have decided that retrenchment is bad, we will now suffer the pain of finding for job and hence that is being shown our lives.

It is only because of your deepest fear, unconscious limiting beliefs, happy & positive thoughts that change occur. Change is the manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs. It is the process of one thought ending and a new thought establishing itself. You are creating these changes and it is through these changes that there are many possible outcomes.

What can you do?

  • Embrace Change

  • Alter your perception of good and bad change. There is no such thing. Rather acknowledge the change and trust and have faith in the universe that it will bring forth the best possibility for you.

  • Keep an open mind and heart. Tell the universe you are ready for the best possible outcome to manifest itself and be ready.

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