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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I came from the same source as you

You presume that we are different

but in fact we are the same

When you visit my home,

a home filled with greenery and tranquility

you boost your immune system

you feel contented and calm

your mind is brimmed with positive thoughts

Yet you burn me down thinking I am useless I wish you knew how much of benefit you would get from me Or maybe you are aware but pretending to be blind

Don’t burn me down coz you would dread the day The day of barren land where no tress and forest exist to give you oxygen The oxygen that you need to stay alive Maybe just maybe you would then realize the importance of my existence if I am no longer here you wouldn't last long too

Appreciate me before it is too late Use me before I am gone Reap the benefits before you even fall ill Know that I am here for you and I am only here because of you

Love, Trees/Forests

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