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Mind: A Dangerous Master but a beautiful servant

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Sitting here listening to the raindrops on the roof Being aware of my presence My existence My mind

Mind oh mind You are indeed a dangerous master Yet an amazingly beautiful servant

As a master you ruled over me You narrowed my thinking Circumscribed my perception Bounded my actions As I was in your box, confined Thinking that what I saw, think, and feel Is the reality

But that beautiful day occurred Where I realized you were the master of me I took that power back And now you are my servant

No limitations exist There is no box I am not imprisoned by you I silent you and be in the present In the here and now As that is all that exist

I direct my energy and attention on the positive dominant thoughts And do not dwell over the negative recessive thinking From that, I create my reality A reality where I see the impossible becoming possible A existence where imaginations flow like water And a mind that is “unrealistic” Yet this chimerical mind Breaks all the barriers and limitations we place on ourselves We think such impediment exist But it is just an illusion There are no barriers

Dream, Imagine Coz there is nothing that is impossible Make that mind of yours a servant Rule over it And watch how life changes

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