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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Quality time, Physical touch, Buying gifts, Words of affirmation Acts of service Are the 5 love languages

I used to see love as spending quality time with you As time passed by you got busier I felt your love disappearing into the thin air I sat and thought for hours and days Wondering what wrong I did

The more I thought with a open mind The more I meditated The more I realised that my love was indeed a conditional love I needed your time for me to feel love As time passed by, I was afraid our love would be on the rocks

Do we really love each other Is this just an infatuation for us Why should my love for you depend on your actions, emotions and thoughts Were the questions popping out from my mind I thought I loved you unconditionally But reality hit me in my face

Again, I thought I Meditated I spend time with you without expecting anything in return And this time reality hit me harder I couldn't help but to love you deeper each day I started loving your soul So pure and immaculate

I love you I love you, Despite all humanly flaws on this physical plane Because I saw something greater in you I saw your Self I saw your true nature And I am heavenly in love with you :)

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