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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Oh life I used to despise yourself You gave me nothing but dysphoria

I was bullied For my color For my race For being a minority

I wanted to give up on you As I had many reasons to But not a single one, That could hold me back And whisper softly and silently to me, Live for me and that would be the greatest joy

I stood there wondering If this was the best solution And someone whispered You are stronger than you think, You are made for something greater, We all have a purpose here, You are not done yet I listened and continued living my life I realized that I did not love and respect myself How then could I expect other people to love and respect me

I shed everything My pessimistic thoughts My negative emotions My unfavourable actions And began to fly as high as an eagle With sharped and focused eyes

As a result I am happy This happiness could only have come about with hardships You taught me that everything happens for a reason There is good in every bad, It is all about perception Thank You for all the adversities As it is those lessons that mirrored my flaws, insecurities and despairing schemas You taught me some amazing lessons Which brought tears, sadness, pain and loneliness But with that came happiness, respect, values, lessons, friendship and Love

I appreciate you I enjoy you I embrace the smallest happiness you give me I learnt to adore myself Above all, I am simply just here Present in the moment, here and now And this is the most amazing feeling you have taught me

Thank You life You have been truly amazing!

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