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Growing up in an orphanage

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Growing up in an orphanage We wanted a family too But we hated the days The days where we were asked to stand in line To behave To wear nice clothes To put on a fake smile So that others can pick one of us as their children

We used to go through this process everyday till we were picked And when we were picked we would be happy Happy because finally someone picked us Finally someone wanted us Finally someone thought we were valuable Finally someone wanted us to be part of their family Finally after all these days, months and years of standing someone felt we should be loved too

But no one thought about how we saw ourselves If we loved and respected ourselves That was not important Because we were just bodies standing in line Waiting for others to come and tell us that we are worthy to be part of their family

I used to wonder Why did we had to go through such process Were they that ignorant and unaware of their actions and our feelings Why couldn't the others stand in line While we children choose whom we want Instead of others picking us Why can’t we pick them Why not?

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