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Gratitude amidst Poverty

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

There was no food to feed our bodies There was no fan when the heat was killing us There was no bed when the body and soul needed rest We had nothing that we own Not even a shelter The shelter which flies away when a strong storm comes

Yet when that happened we paused we danced in the rain Enjoyed every moment in it We were thankful for the storm as in that we felt the rain

We would then pick ourselves up and start all over again to build a new shelter What was there to complain No food to fill our stomach? Yes, there wasn’t but we were grateful, grateful for the days when we had enough food and that gratefulness brought us some food every day

Our happiness did not rely on how poor we were We lived like everyone else Rich Loving and enjoying life Happy At peace Happiness is a choice we make even in times of poverty, troubles and adversities

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