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Entrepreneurship is a journey to self discovery

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

"At this present moment you have everything you need to create success."​

Entrepreneurship is a journey to self discovery. The business that I am running requires me to do online marketing. I have done my research and self educate myself (of course with the help of FB, LinkedIn & Google etc team too) on how to do Facebook, LinkedIn & Google Ads etc. However today I got a news that I will not be able to advertise on one of the platform as I may have been non-compliant with their guidelines.

I was shocked and filled with irritation and frustration at that very moment. I paused, breathe and took a step back. I then realized that I was focusing on something that I had no control over and was forgetting that there are many other platforms to advertise. In that moment I narrowed my thinking and if I had not pause and breathe I would not realize that.

This scenario which may seem to be a problem to many people is actually an opportunity. An opportunity to educate myself further on other platforms to be a pro at it, to think of creative ways to market freely and most importantly to look inwards and always be in a state of gratitude.

I have one sentence I always say to myself when I am in doubt. That is "At this present moment you have EVERYTHING you need to create success." Subsequently, I disassociate myself from the happenings and look within to understand what am I doing right/wrong and what should I be using within me to create that success.

This entrepreneurship journey has made me realized the power that lies within me; How I choose to look at "problems/challenges", how life is inside of us and not outside and success, abundance, freedom, bliss, oneness etc is a byproduct of personal development and experiencing my true Self.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle where we remain students to grow and continually create success as a byproduct of that growth.

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