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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

After watching movie with my friend I was going home happily to my family How did I know that was the last time I would be happy, I would be alive

You ripped my body apart You inserted a rod into me You stripped me naked In the midst of this, You hurt my friend You made him watched my body being abused You made him watched my anguish and suffering

He cried He begged But his words felt on deaf ears He was wounded physically and he could not do much

Finally, when your sexual pleasures were filled You threw my friend and me away Without clothes With scares on our body With no strength to get up and help ourselves

I did my best to be alive But when I was recovering I was flown to another country Well they said they had better equipments there I do not know if that was the truth

The least did I know was that my last breath would be in that foreign country I am sorry my love ones I really fought I did not give up even when they were exploiting my body And fulfilling their wishes through my body and agony

But do not cry for what happen Justice has been made Be proud that your daughter fought And she fought all the way till her last breath There was huge lots of pain but mom and dad Your daughter was strong she fought back with the rapists They raped me several times mom There were at least 5 of them I was tired I was in so much misery. Yet, I fought back I did not give up! So keep your head high Be proud of me

And Now I am somewhere where I am unable to describe But I am at peace I am in no pain I am purely at peace

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