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What does Being On Purpose Mean?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I believe you have heard many individuals saying ‘be on purpose.’ Have you paused, breathe and take a step back to reflect what exactly ‘being on purpose’ means to you?

Here is my perspective.

I have heard ‘being on purpose’ multiple times but I never really pondered about what it exactly means to me. Recently, I heard it on Jay Shetty’s podcast and it showered upon me that ‘damn, I thought I was being on purpose but no I have not been.’ I was struck with random thoughts pouring into my head from above.

I breathed deep from my belly and asked what does being on purpose mean to me? ‘Being aware of the reasons behind my actions,’ this is how I defined the term. Let me elaborate. Like most humans, I love watching Netflix and movies. I have been loving them since young. Let’s rewind back a bit to the 90s. During my younger days, I had a mission (it still is) to help all the people in the world who have not been able to meet their basic needs such as food, water and shelter. This mission was engraved in my energy while I was watching a Bollywood movie, where a poor man had to struggle to bring food home and here I was having more than enough food and had a solid rooted shelter. It taught me gratitude, empathy and to be of service.

Thereafter in my teenage years, I hated life until I watched another perspective of life through a Bollywood movie again and that shifted my perspective immediately. I started loving life and being an optimistic. My purpose of sharing these 2 stories is to share with you that I have always learned so much from movies.

Fast forward there came a time when I was merely watching it without having a purpose. This resulted in me allowing the media to go within my mind and screw it. I started living the social norms in a bad way, had limiting beliefs, believed in some stereotypes and many more.  While hearing Jay Shetty’s podcast it dawned upon me that I have not been aware of my actions and why I was doing those. It was this unawareness that brought me away from my mission and goals. It was this unawareness that led to more limiting beliefs about myself and it dictated the way I was living my life.

Upon realization, I made a conscious effort to have an internal dialogue before I watch anything: “be aware of the language being used. Watch and learn and have at least 1 takeaway. Be aware of how the other’s mind works and the stereotypes. Be aware of the values that resonate with you and that does not.” And here is the amazing by-product of doing that. I learn a bit from every movie, I am aware of the language being used, how people’s mind works in the movie, the director’s imagination, the social norm in other parts of countries, values that I agree with and disagree with and many more.

With being aware of why I am doing things, I learn so much about myself, others and about my mission/goals in life. I am also able to carry out actions that is more aligned with my missions and goals in life.

What is your purpose of reading this? What does ‘being on purpose’ mean to you? Why is it important to know the definition? How will it affect your goals and missions in life? What difference will it display in your daily life?

Sit in solitude, go to the centre of your being and listen to the answers. There are heaven lots of answers in silence, we need to learn to listen. Define the terms that resonate with your being. Don't follow people's definition unless it is aligned with your mind, body and soul.

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