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Attachment: The reason why we fear change

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I defined change as the manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs. The reason why I define it as such is because the universe is always responding to our state of being. Hence, whatever happens in the environment is a manifestation of our thoughts and feelings.

The question here today is why do we fear change?

Attachment… attachment is the biggest reason we fear change.

  • Attachment to familiarity.

  • Attachment to a specific outcome.

  • Attachment to a feeling.

  • Attachment to wanting to know.

  • Attachment to a person/being.

For example:

  1. We are attached to the feelings we feel when we are with a special someone and we fear the aftermath of that person not being part of our lives.

  2. We are attached to the things we have in our lives because of the memories it gives us and we do not have the courage to let it go.

  3. We are attached to an outcome because we feel that, that is the best possible thing that should happen to us and if that does not happen we are doomed.

  4. We are attached to wanting to know where we are headed in life because if there is no direction we feel lost. We dislike not knowing.

We fear change because we are attached to something, someone, a feeling, an outcome etc. However we fail to understand that this changes that we experience are indeed a manifestation of our thoughts and feelings. If your state of being is in constant fear of losing a job because you heard that recession has hit your country, then guess what, the universe will respond to that state of being. If your state of being is of abundance even though you have been living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque then guess what, abundance will eventually come. The changes that happens in our lives is literally because of what we think and feel.

So here is something for you to ponder:

-       What are you so attached to that you are fearful of change in an aspect of your life?

-       What state of being have you been that have created the life you are presently living?

-       What state of being would you like to be in to create the life you want?

-       What would you be required to do to be in that state of being to create the life you want? What kind of change is necessary to take place? What must you let go of?

Beautiful things happen when we let go of things that does not serve us and our higher purpose. Let go my friend, let go of what is not best for you.

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