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The Road to Entrepreneurship

Going Prakriti was not built overnight. It was initiated by a Mindset product.  This Mindset product taught me about the infinite field of possibilities. It opened by mind, altered my perception, taught me habits to manifest the life I want. This led me to read other personal growth books. As I continued growing, I realized the power within me and decided to take the leap of faith to run a business.

I had many ideas, but they never seem to complete the circle. After reading Robin Sharma’s 5am Book Club I was inspired by his mind-blowing Interior Empires of personal growth. I knew I wanted to carry this teaching forward as I resonated with his idea of developing ourselves in the 4 pillars to experience our highest potential.

Over a period of months, while I was having my solitude time in nature, mediating, travelling (and yes while I was in the toilet too), the circle was completed! The idea of using my skills, knowledge & experiences in life to run a business where I serve my fellow beings came to fruition.

So here it is, the 4 Interior Empires of Personal Growth & History Makers:


Mindset is about being aware of your thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, decision making, belief systems, perception etc. When we study our own mind, we gain insights that allow us to view life from a new angle. And that new thinking pattern will create new results in your life.

 Inner Change EQUALS Outer Change.

Old Thinking EQUALS Old Results. ​New Thinking EQUALS New Results.

Product: Be That


You may have an amazing mindset but if you do not embrace your feelings, eventually you will not be able to deliver your best. As Sigmund Freud noted, “unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and they will come forth later in uglier ways.”

Your heartset is all about accepting and embracing all emotions you feel rather than suppressing it. While doing this, you are able to gain insights about yourself and will deal with adversities better.

Service: Vent & Listen


Having the right mindset and heartset is great. However, what is the point of focusing on these aspects of life when your body fails… and you are dead?

Healthset is about taking care of your physical body. Eating healthy food is essential and here at Going Prakriti we believe in Healthy Vegan food that has No mock meat, No processed food, No GMO, No artificial sweeteners & No sugar (unless it is from an natural source).

It is a balance vegan food with proper nutrition of carbs, protein, essential amino acids and vitamins. ​

Service: Svastha Cooking Class


Soulset is all about your spiritual self. Soulset is about connecting with that power within you, listening to the intuition that has always been there. “Soulset comes from the books you read and the philosophies you believe in.” This includes meditation, reflection, journaling, spending time in nature and sound therapy

Service: Sound Therapy

The Vision of Going Prakriti is to:

Establish frequencies (sound) & nature as medicine in treating illnesses and mental health issues.

Inspire and Empower individuals to experience their true nature and know the Absolute Truth, Consciousness

The Mission of Going Prakriti is to:

To create awareness of the healing benefits of sound and nature through research and practice.

Empower individuals to experience their true nature through the 4 Interior empires of growth and ancient wisdom.

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