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The Road to a Better Me

Hi there,

I am Kaka Singh, and this is my story.

I did my Bachelor in Science (Psychology) but due to various reasons I was unable to continue my Honours Degree. Merely having a Bachelor in Psychology was useless as most organizations were looking for at least a Honours Degree.

I struggled to obtain a full-time job for years. I was doing part time and contract jobs that paid me on an hourly basis and could end the contract anytime. Everyone around me seemed to be getting a job but not me. I doubted myself and felt useless.

Was it my qualifications? Or my looks? Or the way I carry myself? Or my skin colour? There were numerous self-harming thought, I could never quieten the mind.

Looking for an escape, I turned to alcohol. I drank alone in the nature, looking at the night sky with stars, talking to my love ones who have passed on asking why me? Why am I going through such phase? Least, did I realise I was playing the victim role in life.

One day, at my usual place at the park, I asked for help. I looked up and asked the universe and my ancestors for help. In that moment, all went quiet and I felt calmness and sense of support. I was just being. After some time, I got up and told myself “I am done, no more being a victim and no more drinking.” 

The next day I looked in the mirror and spoke to myself in a harsh tone; to change my story and use setbacks as a opportunity to learn & grow.

I quit. I changed. I decided to stand up and embrace life again. A month or so passed and I got into a door to door sales job. Few more months flew by and I was learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Moved on from my sales job to a marketing job. Throughout this process I learned that I enjoy being an entrepreneur more than an employee. It was then I started the first aspect of Going Prakriti, Be That (Mindset).

Let’s rewind back, I barely had jobs and hence I did not have much savings. So, marketing the business was impossible without having an income. I decided to take up a few part-time jobs. Everything was going well until the beautiful universe decided to test me 😊.

I ignored my intuition… I was hanging out with people who brought out my weakness and I allowed myself to be pulled towards the dark side. I started drinking again and experienced depression the second time. I was pissed drunk, lying down on a bench, looking up at the sky with eyes filled with questions and anger. A voice in my head said, “you are stronger than this, you overcame this once and you can do it again.” I vomited. It felt as if I vomited all the supress emotions; hatred, anger, depression, frustration etc.

I got up again, I changed, I decided to do my best again. I learned that the darkness was there for a reason and light would only exist when there is darkness too.

Through personal development, meditations, reflections, solitude time in nature and hanging around with like-minded people, I was able to be a Happy Me again; one who loves life and views adversities as learning opportunities. I finally got a full time job in late 2019 as a HR Manager. After a few months, Going Prakriti manifested to serve others and myself!

Presently I am full time entrepreneur! :) Going Prakriti is my way to give back and serve others as how the universe has helped me :).

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